Out of Town Wedding

So, this Saturday, I worked for Joel at his event down in Waco/Hillsboro and let me tell you. It was definitely a doozy. Firstly, it was only my second time running ceremony sound and it was my first time doing it alone. So that was pressure in itself. Not to mention, the officiant showed up 10 mins prior to start time. Luckily, it was pretty smooth.

Then, we move to reception. Of course, Joel already had a plan laid out because of the meetings with the clients and emails with the coordinator. We have run this process several times so it goes smoothly. There’s no doubt, there will be changes and we accommodate as needed. However, this made my brain hurt. And we were not notified until, literally, 5 seconds prior. Coordinator said a mariachi band was going to play from 4-6 so when we were told they were coming in, I began introducing them. At that moment, they told me it was a surprise. Not one person mentioned it. Luckily, the couple wasn’t within earshot. Then, the whole program was basically thrown out the window. There was a schedule of the dinner, toasts, dances, some dancing, bouquet and garter tosses, some more dancing and final dances. We were not told everything was going to be done at the beginning. Felt like we were very out of sync. Thankfully, e got it all taken care of and the rest was history. Couples usually give us their playlists/requests for dance music which we take into account always. But we also know how to play the crowd. The crowd wanted a wider range of music than requested. The couple definitely started giving with their guests so it made for an awesome night after all.

Lesson learned here. Even all the preparation in the world won’t save you. Be ready for curve balls here and then. Its not wise to be inflexible. If you want to check out some clips, make sure your following on Instagram and Facebook!

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